What is the difference beetween liquid Humic Vet and a solid supplement: sachet/powder/tablet?

Liquid Humic Vet differs from solid in the way it delivers the main active ingredient – humic acids. Liquid Humic Vet to a greater extent (30% versus 5-10% for powder) interacts with blood, quickly removing toxins and increasing immunity at the cellular level; 70% of the active effect of liquid Humic Vet is aimed at working with the animal’s gastrointestinal tract, protecting and preventing the penetration of new toxic compounds into the body.

Powdered Humic Vet (in the form of tablets, powder or in sachet packaging) has less effect on the blood than liquid (5-10%), but in turn has a more pronounced therapeutic effect on the gastrointestinal tract (90-95%). The different percentage of humic acids in liquid Humic Vet and in powder is due to the most appropriate concentration of the active substance for use with water or feed.

It is important to note that one of the strengths of the supplement in liquid form is the simplification of administration in case of poisoning (diarrhea) for weakened animals, as well as for ease of use on a large number of livestock, for example, for veterinarians.

What are humic acids and why are they so useful?

Humic acids are natural substances. The process of humification occurs after the decomposition of plants, high molecular weight natural organic compounds are formed.

The main property of humic acids is their unique biological activity, which makes it possible to enhance immunity, resistance to various types of diseases and fungal invasion. The second no less important property is the ability to bind and remove toxins, protecting the body from the decomposition products of toxic substances, which allows the use of additives based on humic acids as powerful and safe sorbents to neutralize the negative effects of poisoning.

Can I just give activated charcoal and not buy Humic Vet?

First of all, Humic Vet additive differs from conventional sorbents in its proven high safety for long-term use. Classic sorbents, along with toxic decomposition products, also remove useful microelements. A supplement based on humic acids, on the contrary, not only does not remove micro and macro elements necessary for the body, but also saturates with new ones.

It is important to note that humic acids, in addition to the function of sorbents, are an activator of immunity, acting at the cellular level. This ability is due to the activity and natural properties of high molecular weight natural organic compounds.

Can Humic Vet be taken all the time or only in case of poisoning?

For the prevention of diseases, strengthening the immune system, as well as for improving the appearance of the animal, it is recommended to use the Humic Vet supplement on an ongoing basis. The additive based on humic acids is a natural, natural substance, and many studies and tests have proven complete safety for long periods of use.

In case of poisoning, the dosage should be increased in accordance with the instructions for more effective treatment. It is necessary to apply an increased dosage until complete recovery, after which you need to take a short pause.

Is it dangerous to give a double/triple dose of Humic Vet?

Completely safe. In acute poisoning, the recommended dosage of Humic Vet should be increased by 3 times, regardless of whether the additive is liquid or solid. Do not worry about the possible negative consequences, since the three times higher dosage is studied and necessary for the most effective treatment.

For pregnant, lactating, as well as for weakened animals due to various reasons, including natural processes in the form of old age, for more effective prevention of diseases, it is recommended to double the dosage of Humic Vet, take in accordance with the instructions.

My pet refuses to eat, how do I give him Humic Vet?

It is for such cases that the liquid Humic Vet supplement was created. The liquid supplement should be diluted with purified drinking water in accordance with the instructions for use and given regularly.

Is it dangerous for pregnant animals to add Humic Vet to their food?

Long-term clinical studies have proven the complete safety of the effects of humic acids on pregnant and lactating animals. Studies have shown a clear improvement in the general condition of the female and offspring, an increase in appetite and a decrease in symptoms of toxicosis.

Moreover, the recommended dosage for lactating and pregnant animals should be doubled compared to the usual prophylactic dosage, since the female’s body is in a more active and stressed state.

At what age can Humic Vet be added to the feed?

It is recommended to add Humic Vet from the age when your pet begins to switch to regular food. The additive is recommended for use starting with complementary foods, in accordance with the instructions.

How does Humic Vet improve the condition of the skin and coat?

The appearance of the skin and coat is improved due to the cleansing of the animal’s body from toxic substances and the establishment of the correct (natural) balance of the microbiome in the intestine. The active influence of Humic Vet allows you to fight against harmful fungi and bacteria, as well as the remnants of their vital activity, naturally saturating with useful micro and macro elements.

It is important to note that with a deficiency of certain trace elements, the condition of the coat and skin deteriorates, even if the animal does not show symptoms of any disease.

The Humic Vet supplement not only enhances immunity and resistance to various kinds of diseases, but also allows you to cleanse the body, improving digestion. The poor condition of the gastrointestinal tract and stressful situations primarily negatively affect the coat and skin. The direct effect of Humic Vet is to normalize the gastrointestinal tract and increase immunity.

Will the playfulness and overall mood of my pet increase if I use Humic Vet on a regular basis?

Toxic substances formed after the decay of low-quality products (or those infected with a fungus) inevitably negatively affect the nervous system of the animal, accumulating in the body. Even if there are no symptoms of diseases, you can feel it by changing the behavior of your pet, by his mood.

By using Humic Vet on a regular basis, you are guaranteed to boost immunity (overall health) and protect your pet from possible fungal, parasitic and viral diseases, and he, in turn, will respond to you with a playful mood and increased contact.

How does the professional Humic Vet PRO range differ from conventional Humic Vet supplements?

The composition of the additives is completely identical. The PRO-line is designed for ease of use due to the increased volume, as well as for savings. Recommended for use by veterinarians and large animal breeders.

My pet has diarrhea/poisoning. You have several types of Humic Vet supplements sold, which is the best one for me to get?

Poisoning can be treated with any kind of Humic Vet supplements offered on our website. The instructions for use indicate the required dosage for the treatment of diarrhea, as well as other important information. But, for greater convenience, a special form of release in the form of tablets – Humic Vet Tablets, which is originally intended to treat the consequences of poisoning, is suitable.

If your pet refuses to eat, liquid Humic Vet can help fight the effects of food poisoning through drinking.

I want to use Humic Vet as a prophylaxis for various diseases, which Humic Vet should I buy for permanent use?

Everything is individual and depends on the type of your pet, as well as on the planned prophylaxis period. For example, if you are a large dog or cat breeder, then in order to save money and convenience, it would be most expedient to use a professional line – “Humic Vet Pro – 250 g.” or “Humic Vet Pro – 250 ml.” in liquid form.

If you have several pets, then Humic Vet – powder 60 g. in the form of a powder is a perfectly suitable option for regular use.

How does Humic Vet differ from other types of feed additives?

Different feed additives have different compositions, active ingredients. All feed additives are aimed at balancing the diet with important nutrients, making it more complete and effective. But, conventional feed additives do not contain humic acids, which are aimed at enhancing immunity and protecting the animal’s body from all kinds of diseases. For these purposes, antibiotics and other drugs are usually used, often after the symptoms of the disease.

Humic Vet humic acid supplement is special among feed additives, its mission is to protect the animal from diseases and balance the digestive tract, which in turn is responsible for the normal digestibility of food and replenishment of the body with necessary micronutrients.

What feed can you use Humic Vet with?

Humic Vet can be used with any type of feed, regardless of formulation and manufacturer.

Has there been any research and clinical trials on Humic Vet?

Years of research and clinical trials have repeatedly proven the complete safety and undeniable benefits of using supplements based on humic acids, which is what Humic Vet is. The positive effects of humic acids on animal and human organisms have been studied in many universities in Europe, North America and Asia. Some of the largest and most comprehensive studies on humic acids have been carried out in the United States at the University of Texas.

Research on humic acids and the development of their use in animal husbandry continues to this day, additives are also introduced to replace obsolete and dangerous antibiotics, increasing safety and environmental friendliness.

Is Humic Vet approved by the Veterinarian Association?

Yes. Humic Vet is approved by the International Association of Veterinarians (IAV) and is recommended for regular use in the prevention of diseases in both industrial livestock and pets. The indisputable benefits of humic acids, the main active ingredient of the Humic Vet feed additive, have been recognized.

How many days should I use Humic Vet for diarrhea/poisoning?

In case of diarrhea/poisoning, it is recommended to add Humic Vet to food or water (supplement in liquid form) until complete recovery, according to the instructions for use.

It is important to note that Humic Vet in pill form was originally developed for the treatment of poisoning as the most convenient dosage form.

My pet eats the best food and is not sick with anything right now. Does it make sense to add Humic Vet to his feed as a preventive measure, if everything seems to be fine anyway?

Yes. Symptoms of diseases are already an extreme stage of this or that disease. Therefore, disease prevention is one of the most important tools for doctors and veterinarians.

High-quality food is not a guarantee against possible diseases, including gastrointestinal disorders. Studies have shown that in almost all animal feed, even well-known and recognized manufacturers, the presence of mycotoxins exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations was recorded. Up to 70% of the raw materials of animal feed are contaminated with such fungi as: Fusaria, Aspergillus, Alternaria and others.

It is important to note that parasitic, viral and fungal invasions are an inevitable part of an animal’s life process, even with the most careful care. The feed additive Humic Vet is designed to enhance immunity and increase resistance to possible diseases, neutralize mycotoxins, as well as general improvement of the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn allows the animal’s body to better absorb nutrients from feed.

I picked up a weakened street animal that was poorly fed. How can Humic Vet supplement help?

Poor quality feed or unbalanced nutrition inevitably leads to a weakening of the immune system and the general poor health of the animal. In the pet’s body, a deficiency of vital microelements is formed, which in turn leads to a weakening of the protective functions.

Due to the special properties of humic acids, the feed additive Humic Vet will allow a weakened animal to get all the trace elements necessary for the body in the shortest possible time, while at the same time normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract and enhancing immunity at the cellular level.

Does the dosage of Humic Vet depend on the condition of the animal/purpose of use?

Yes. For the successful prevention of diseases and strengthening the immunity of a weakened, pregnant, young and elderly animal, a double dosage of the feed additive Humic Vet is required. In acute poisoning, a triple dosage is used until complete recovery, after which a pause is required, in accordance with the instructions for use.

For a healthy and adult animal, a standard dosage of Humic Vet is used on a regular basis to prevent disease and enhance immunity.

What diseases can Humic Vet feed additive protect against?

Almost any disease is a consequence of the “lost war” of immunity. The stronger the immunity of a healthy animal, the less the likelihood of disease.

Feed additive Humic Vet enhances (restores) the immunity of the animal, regulating the gastrointestinal tract for better assimilation of substances necessary for the body from the feed; a direct consequence of this will be an increased resistance to any possible disease: fungal, parasitic or viral.

How does Humic Vet improve digestation when changing feeds?

The animal’s gastrointestinal tract has a unique microflora, which is due to its lifestyle and food. When changing food, the animal’s gastrointestinal tract meets with a new balance of substances, as a result of which disorders and ineffective assimilation of necessary microelements are possible.

Humic acids of the feed additive Humic Vet have pronounced properties of protection and regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, which allows the body to switch to a new type of feed as comfortable as possible, adapt in the shortest possible time, while simultaneously receiving everything the body needs from the feed.

I am a professional animal breeder and already add various feed additives to prevent disease and improve appearance. What will Humic Vet give me in combination with other feed additives?

Conventional feed additives contain a complex of trace elements necessary for an animal, which, of course, makes them useful and necessary. The feed additive Humic Vet, unlike standard additives, does not contain the classic set of trace elements, its uniqueness lies in the main active ingredient – Humic Acids, whose natural property is to enhance immunity, increase the absorption of nutrients and prevent all kinds of diseases.

By using Humic Vet in combination with standard feed additives, you will increase the absorption of trace elements from the feed, while at the same time normalizing the animal’s gastrointestinal tract, increasing the protective functions of the body.

My cat has an unpleasant toilet smell. Will Humic Vet help in this case?

Yes. An increase in unpleasant toilet odor indicates negative changes in your pet’s body. There can be many reasons, but most often it is a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, leading to an imbalance of substances in the body, as a result of which a lot of ammonia accumulates in the urine of the animal, which is the cause of the unpleasant odor.

The direct action of the feed additive Humic Vet is the regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, which in the overwhelming case allows you to normalize the amount of ammonia and neutralize unpleasant and pungent toilet odors.

How will Humic Vet help my older pet become more active and cheerful?

With age, any animal’s immunity is weakened, changes occur in the work of the gastrointestinal tract and organs responsible for the successful removal of toxins, poisonous decay products. The kidneys and liver begin to malfunction, and their function decreases.

The direct action of humic acids of the Humic Vet supplement is to increase immunity and remove toxins from the body. The use of Humic Vet on an ongoing basis makes it possible to facilitate the elimination of toxins in an elderly animal, while at the same time normalizing the gastrointestinal tract. All this together will improve health and make your pet more active and cheerful.

Are humic acid supplement used in the West? What do European veterinarians think of the Humic Vet feed additive?

Feed additives based on humic acids have been successfully used all over the world for a long time, Europe and the USA are of course no exception. A great contribution to the study and application of humic acids in animal husbandry was made by Asian and Mexican manufacturers, who in the last decade have been using humic acids to prevent diseases and improve production safety, including on an industrial scale.

Thanks to Humic Vet, a humic acid based feed additive is now available for home use as well!

How can I best use Humic Vet for disease prevention – continuously or intermittently? And will there be any benefit from intermittent use?

Even the periodic use of the feed additive Humic Vet is guaranteed to improve the health of your pet, which has been proven in practice and statistically recorded by veterinarians, including in industrial animal husbandry.

For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to use Humic Vet supplement – on an ongoing basis.

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