Humic Vet | 50 ml

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50 ML
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Natural liquid additive is used for all types of pets: cats, dogs, birds, rodents, etc.



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About the product

Indications for use:

• to normalize liver and kidney function;
• to improve the general well-being of the animal;
• to eliminate the physiological causes of unpleasant odors;
• to increase the resistance of animals to stressors;
• for the prevention of viral diseases and general immunity;
• digestive disorders, food poisoning, diarrhea, skin diseases caused by food or parasitic allergies;
• to accelerate recovery after surgery, serious illness, a course of antibiotics.

Recommended for daily use to prevent disease, improve the general condition and appearance of the animal.

Humic Vet | 50 ml

Contains active substances:

• humic acids - 10%;

• complex of active micro and macroelements.

Product: water-soluble liquid of dark brown color, in a bottle with a volume of 50 ml.

Way of using

• For disease prevention:
Adult animals:
Add 100 drops per 100 ml of purified water, apply on a regular basis according to the schedule: 3 days reception, three days break.
Pregnant, lactating, young and elderly animals:
Per 100 ml of purified water add 5-6 drops, apply on a regular basis according to the schedule: 3 days of reception, three days break.

• In acute poisoning (diarrhea), loss of appetite, as well as for debilitated animals:
Add 8-9 drops per 100 ml of purified water, apply the increased dose on a regular basis until complete recovery.

Use the ready solution within one day.

How does it work

Humic Vet | 50 ml

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    Humic Vet | 50 ml
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