Humic acids – as an alternative to antibiotics

The benefits of antibiotics as growth promoters and also for the stable health of farm animals have been reviewed from all angles in the scientific literature many decades ago. However, to date, scientists and researchers have expressed much more arguments against the expanded use of antibiotics, since a whole set of recognized negative consequences completely […]

Humic Vet and Mycotoxins Research

This article will primarily be of interest to breeders of parrots and other birds. However, the question of the negative impact of mycotoxins on living organisms concerns everyone who is engaged in any type of animal husbandry, for everyone who keeps pets. Mycotoxin control is carried out at the state level in more than 125 […]

What about humic acids?

We can say that humic acid is a broad term that refers to a complex mixture of many different acids that are soluble in alkaline solutions. They exist naturally as part of the life cycle of nature. Humic acids (HA) are a class of compounds formed as a result of the decomposition of organic substances. […]

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