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BIOMETOD — is an innovative group of companies that studies the effect of humic substances on people, animals and plants, as well as the production of highly effective, environmentally friendly additives sorbents from leonardite.

BIOMETOD uses modern science and its achievements to keep you and your beloved animals healthy. The uniqueness of the chemical properties of humic substances lies in their “magic” ability to participate in a wide variety of biochemical reactions, to form complex compounds.

BIOMETOD — it is a complete solution for a healthy and balanced nutrition of your pets, with a simultaneous preventive effect. We guarantee compliance with the highest standards of veterinary safety.

Taking care of you and your pets


our work


Quality and natural products are the key to your pet’s health. Our principle is only natural raw materials and additives.


All feeds and additives must be tested for safety by regulatory and regulatory authorities, approved by the veterinarian’s association.


Independent research centers proving the indisputable effectiveness of the supplement are an objective indicator.

Profitable savings
for the client

The high prophylactic and immunostimulating efficacy of the supplement guarantees health and longevity, minimizing treatment costs.

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