Hypoallergenic feed additive

Highly effective and environmentally friendly humic acid supplement for daily and emergency use

For whom

  • By adding Humic Vet to dog food:

    You will protect your pet from possible future diseases, improve its well-being and appearance.

    You will see a positive result already on the 10th day of using the supplement.

  • By adding Humic VET to cat food:

    You will improve your pet’s coat condition, appetite and playfulness.

    You can be sure of this after 10 days of using the supplement.

  • By adding Humic VET to rodent feed:

    You will increase your furry friends’ resistance to various types of stress.

    The result will be noticeable after 9 days of using the supplement

  • By adding Humic VET to poultry feed:

    Your feathered friends will become brighter and more beautiful, friendlier and healthier.

    They will cheerfully chirp about it to you on the 8th day of the supplement.

About us

BIOMETHOD has been researching the positive effect and effectiveness of humic acids on living organisms for more than 10 years.


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How does it work

Active substance

Humic Vet feed additive consists of 70-80% humic and fulvic acids, 100% natural high-molecular organic compounds that are vital for any living organism.

They contain a full range of essential minerals, macro and microelements, as well as polysaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, catechins, isoflavones, quinones and other important organic compounds.

What veterinarians say

Ivan Kapustyansky

I am a veterinarian at a dog shelter and have been working with Humic Vet for years. I consider this product to be one of the best of its kind, which has already helped many of our little patients recover from severe poisoning and surgeries.
I also recommend a supplement for constant use as a prophylaxis, it will increase immunity due to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, which primarily affects the vitality of your pet.

Irina Samoilova

I have been specializing in dermatology for 20 years. Dogs and cats of show breeds, who suddenly have problems with their skin or coat, are often brought to me. And almost always the cause of the problem lies in the wrong diet.
Immediately I recommend comprehensive restorative measures, among which I definitely prescribe cleansers and nutritional supplements.
When I got acquainted with the feed additive Humic Vet, I was very surprised that it works in two of these areas at once: necessary trace elements + sorbent. I highly recommend it to my colleagues as a new generation medicine.

Vasily Petrov

I work as a veterinarian-surgeon in a large clinic, and often travel to farms. After surgery, the animal always weakens, the body fights not only the consequences of the disease, but also the operation. At this time, it is extremely important to observe measures to maintain a weakened organism.
The liquid supplement Humic Vet has proven to be very effective in the postoperative period, allowing the use of the body’s hidden resources at the cellular level. In addition, the sorption properties of Humic Vet relieve organ stress, which is especially important for a recovering pet.

Elena Buinevich

My practice is related to the control of raising rabbits on farms, I am a freelance worker on several farms at once. I got acquainted with the feed additive Humic Vet just a couple of years ago on the advice of my colleagues.
Rabbits are extremely delicate animals that require a special approach and the most balanced diet; timely preventive measures are vital for them. Humic Vet does an excellent job of regulating and stabilizing my pets’ gastrointestinal tract, which in practice has reduced mortality. Recommend to all farmers for permanent use.

Evgeny Mashkov

A good veterinarian, in charge of his young patients, should recommend comprehensive preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of diseases. Surgical treatment and solving sudden problems are only part of the job, while the main task is to prevent the occurrence of diseases. It is very important for an animal to receive everything the body needs with nutrition. If you are not sure about the correct nutrition, it is necessary to use sorbents and complex feed additives.
Humic Vet based on humic acids with a complex of minerals has established itself as an excellent solution for maintaining the health of the animal. I recommend it as a daily supplement.



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